• Basic attack - available any time.
  • Special attack - more damage, but you can only use it so often.
  • Healing - returns some health, but can only be used once in a while.

The trick is to time it so you use the right ability, at the right time, compared to your health and that of your opponent, while taking into consideration how many rounds of fighting you have left. It's worth noting here, that the 3rd fight is always harder.

Between fighting, you can use any Bandages you may have to heal your champion.

You gain Reputation points as you progress, as sort of a lifetime score.

Spend acquired Gold on upgrades or individual Bandages. Upgrades are random and may increase your stats, or give you a bunch of Bandages all at the same time.

In Settings, you can turn the music off or reset your champion. Press the grey/black button at your own risk, as it resets your champion to a 1st level n00b without confirmation.

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